Current Cover Love

I’ve expounded at length in the past about my love for a good cover song, and over the past few months this cover by Birdy and the original by The Naked and Famous have been on frequent rotation.

This is a great example of a cover being a different tone than the original, thus making the same lyrics and notes appropriate for different occasions. One of the many reasons I think having a good selection of covers on hand is worthwhile. Read my past post about my case for covers here if you’re curious, and have a fabulous weekend!


Bach in the Bath

Powder Blue Bathroomimage via

Fun fact about me: when I was little, I used to be afraid in the shower because I’d watched some scary TV show where a slime monster would invade people’s homes through their pipes. I was always scared that when I closed my eyes to shampoo, the creepy thing would come out of the drain and attack me. Normal, right? My irrational fear happened to compete with how much I enjoy baths and showers – like every other normal human I know, I can’t get enough of the water, the warmth and the deliciously scented products that are a part of the bathing process. I’d take three a day if I wasn’t concerned about my skin being adequately moisturized. My solution back in the day to my Goosebumps-induced issue was, naturally, to bring my little tape player into the bathroom and listen to a Pocahontas book on tape. Not only was I not scared anymore, but I found myself especially capable of pretending to be a Native American princess hanging out under a casual waterfall. You know, if waterfalls ever were located in the upstairs bathroom of my house in Rhode Island.

Sadly, my “Just Around the Riverbend” themed-shower days have passed, but it still holds true that I like listening to music as I rinse and repeat. Generally, the radio in my shower has always been set to my favorite car radio stations (shoutout to 92PRO-FM), but this past month I made a small alteration that has been a huge game changer to my morning routine. I find myself feeling more calm, joyful, and invigorated when I start my day…and if you know me you know another fun fact about me is that I am not a morning person.  Thus, those are not words I would usually use to describe my feelings before 10 am. So, what’s my nifty trick? Continue reading

Folk on Folk

Lucky little me, the concert Derek got me for my birthday and the concert I got him for Christmas fell on back to back weekends! Last Friday, I was treated to the styling sounds of Brett Dennen, who I first saw in 2007 when he opened for John Mayer and whose music always puts a smile on my face. Dennen’s opener, Foy Vance, was a wonderful little surprise – his beautiful voice is definitely worth checking out. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, he’s especially relevant too, being from Ireland. This Saturday, we will be seeing the Avett Brothers at the TD Garden with Old Crow Medicine Show as the opener – they’re DTR’s favorite band and I’m pumped about the seats I was able to secure.

With all this music in mind, here’s a little playlist for your Friday sampling some of my favorite tunes by all the aforementioned artists. Enjoy!

Sesame Street x Will I Am

In case you haven’t felt special today or were looking for an opportunity to question my tastes in music, I offer you this: an inspirational song by Will I. Am for Sesame Street. I found this in my junior year of college and come back to it once in a while mainly to laugh to myself. Pretty sure the friends I’ve shown it to think I’m a little insane. Notable details:

  • The utterly neutral look on Will’s face almost completely throughout, except for the occasional slight smirk
  • Autotune
  • The lyric “What you are is magical”
  • The head-bob dance move all the puppets do throughout. Breaking that out sometime soon.
  • Since when was there a fairy character on Sesame Street?? #outoftheloop

On Repeat

I have gotten confirmation at least once or twice in my life that I’m not the only person that does this…but confession: when I find a song I really like, I have a tendency to listen to it literally on repeat for days at a time. Now, I imagine some of you reading this thinking to yourself, “Yeah, okay Christina, not that unique – when you like a song you listen to it a lot? Try listening to the radio, it’s the same thing.” I don’t mean though that I listen to it like ten times a day or maybe twice in an hour…I mean that the song I’m currently into is “Team” by Lorde and on Wednesday at work I literally listened to it on continuous repeat all day (except for lunch). That’s right, I spent approximately seven hours hearing the same song. Weird? Normal? Just like you?

Would you be able to listen to this all day?