Early Morning Charleston [Photos]

A little photo recap from a vacation in South Carolina last week – definitely didn’t regret lugging along my big camera for this early morning walk through Charleston. Couldn’t get enough of the architecture, gardens, and morning light.

Charleston 1

Had to make a necessary stop before the walk, obviously.Charleston 4

Charleston 2One of the sweetest takes on “Private Property” that I ever did see.

Charleston 3

South Carolina is not a state, it is a cult. – Pat Conroy

Charleston 4

Charleston is most definitely one of my favorite cities. Have you ever been?


Bach in the Bath

Powder Blue Bathroomimage via

Fun fact about me: when I was little, I used to be afraid in the shower because I’d watched some scary TV show where a slime monster would invade people’s homes through their pipes. I was always scared that when I closed my eyes to shampoo, the creepy thing would come out of the drain and attack me. Normal, right? My irrational fear happened to compete with how much I enjoy baths and showers – like every other normal human I know, I can’t get enough of the water, the warmth and the deliciously scented products that are a part of the bathing process. I’d take three a day if I wasn’t concerned about my skin being adequately moisturized. My solution back in the day to my Goosebumps-induced issue was, naturally, to bring my little tape player into the bathroom and listen to a Pocahontas book on tape. Not only was I not scared anymore, but I found myself especially capable of pretending to be a Native American princess hanging out under a casual waterfall. You know, if waterfalls ever were located in the upstairs bathroom of my house in Rhode Island.

Sadly, my “Just Around the Riverbend” themed-shower days have passed, but it still holds true that I like listening to music as I rinse and repeat. Generally, the radio in my shower has always been set to my favorite car radio stations (shoutout to 92PRO-FM), but this past month I made a small alteration that has been a huge game changer to my morning routine. I find myself feeling more calm, joyful, and invigorated when I start my day…and if you know me you know another fun fact about me is that I am not a morning person.  Thus, those are not words I would usually use to describe my feelings before 10 am. So, what’s my nifty trick? Continue reading

Winter White

Twinkly loft Twinkle PorchTwinkle Dress Twinkle Canopy Twinkle Branches
White twinkle lights have to be one of my favorite “signs of the season,” and they’re a holiday decoration that I really enjoy having up inside versus outside on a bush. I wish I’d taken a picture of my dorm room from senior year, because I had a great setup at the head of my bed where I framed a map of Aquidneck Island in lights for the holidays…then proceeded to keep them up for the rest of the year. It’s amazing that something as simple as a small strand of tiny bulbs can make a space feel so much more magical and cozy. Maybe it’s simply because I hate overhead lights, but something about the way rooms look with twinkle lights in them seems just right. As a result, I’m so pleased that there seem to be a lot of “grown-up” decor ideas out there that still feature these sparkly little guys and highly anticipate implementing them once I move in to my own apartment. Would you consider using holiday lights as part of your non-holiday decor?
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