On Repeat

I have gotten confirmation at least once or twice in my life that I’m not the only person that does this…but confession: when I find a song I really like, I have a tendency to listen to it literally on repeat for days at a time. Now, I imagine some of you reading this thinking to yourself, “Yeah, okay Christina, not that unique – when you like a song you listen to it a lot? Try listening to the radio, it’s the same thing.” I don’t mean though that I listen to it like ten times a day or maybe twice in an hour…I mean that the song I’m currently into is “Team” by Lorde and on Wednesday at work I literally listened to it on continuous repeat all day (except for lunch). That’s right, I spent approximately seven hours hearing the same song. Weird? Normal? Just like you?

Would you be able to listen to this all day?

Go for it...

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