Feel free to think I’m crazy…

…because I’m nowhere near being pregnant nor do I plan on it anytime soon, but I really am coveting this body pillow by the bump nest.

Picture 4

Now, I realize it’s made for aching backs carrying extra weight, and I know it’s probably more comfortable when you’re “with child,” but honestly, I just like the feeling of being cuddled while I’m sleeping and this seems like it would do the trick! Plus, once you check out the gorgeous fabrics available for its (machine washable!) cover, you might just want one too.

Another detail that’s beautiful in a less literal way: the company takes scraps from the fabric they use and make them into baby beanies that are donated to children in need around the world.

Don’t worry, if I cave and decide to splurge on one for myself anyways, I’ll be sure to take some gratutious selfies to share.


Planning 2014 | May Designs

May Designs 1

Way back in October, two occasions coincided. The first was that I was in search of a mailable, stylish birthday gift for a good friend. The second was that I had finally decided to pull the trigger on placing an order with May Designs because another friend (who is lucky to still be a BC student) was a campus rep for them this fall.

The Results: For my friend, I settled on personalized stationery. She and I are both unabashed lovers of all things monogrammed, and stationery is one of those things that everyone wants to have lots of but no one wants to buy for themselves. Or maybe that’s just me? For myself (since apparently I have 0% self-control when it comes to said monogram obsession) I figured I’d get a jump start on ordering something I inevitably buy every year anyways – an agenda.

Although my May Book is a lot thinner than my usual agenda (I was a big fan of Vera Bradley planners in college – storage/pages galore) not being in school anymore has made it possible to tone it down a bit. So far, I’ve been very pleased with my purchase. Of course, it would be hard for me not to love something green and navy blue.

Learn More: The founding of this company has one of those great, “living a dream” stories. I’m always about that. Also, all their products are eco-friendly! Yay!

Do you use or love any May Designs products? What patterns are your favorites?

Guest Post: A Cocktail You Can Count On

Harbor East MartiniThough long overdue, I bring you a guest post by my fabulous, NYC-dwelling cousin who (I’m ecstatic to announce) will be blogging for the New York branch of Bitches Who Brunch in the new year. After we spent Thanksgiving together guzzling down the cocktail detailed here, she graciously offered to guest post about it here on NptSOM. We hope you are able to cheers to 2014 in style by bringing the Harbor East Martini into your own cocktail rotation!

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Gift Idea: For the Writer (or Aspiring One)

Q&A A DayAlthough when it comes to gifts the focus tends to be on the centerpiece – the big gift that you’re sure will wow someone – the accent gifts can’t be ignored. The Q&A a Day: 5 Year Journal is a perfect small gift for the person in your life who loves to write, or the one who has been meaning to for years.

The journal has a page for each day of the year and poses a different question for the writer to answer each day, with room for five years’ worth of responses. My mom gave me one last year; I think it’s a great little book to keep by your bedside and scribble a quick response into before you go to sleep. The concept of seeing how your answers have changed over the years is cool too. In my opinion, having the ability to look back and remember yourself at a different time is one of the biggest benefits of keeping a journal. This little book allows you to reap that benefit while a commitment of only a sentence or two a day. There are other versions without the daily questions, or in editions made for couples or kids. A great little gift for under $20!

Sweater Weather Must-Have

At the risk of sounding “snooty,” as my boyfriend so kindly calls me from time to time, isn’t the only downside to a cashmere sweater the fact that you will inevitably have to wash it? Maybe it’s a me-thing, but I cannot stand the way clothes smell when they come back from the dry-cleaner…that nasty petroleum scent just doesn’t do it for me. Also, because I tend to perspire pretty aggressively, (full-disclosure) especially in sweaters (get it?), my clothes tend to require some extra oomph when being laundered unless I want them to have those unfortunate stains under the arms. (Let’s be honest, no one wants those.)

The LaundressSolution: The Laundress New York Cashmere Wash (available via J.Crew). Realistically, I probably should have talked about this yesterday when it was available for 30% off, but even at full price this bottle is worth the money and then some. Think about how much cashmere costs. Then think about how much dry cleaning costs. Now look at the price of this bottle in comparison. That’s a bargain my friends.

I can tell you firsthand that since acquiring this, I will now always wash cashmere (or any other fine, fluffy knit) on my own. You can either throw some of this in cold water and do a sweater by hand, or (for the brave) you can actually wash your cashmere with this in a normal washing machine. Seriously. If you choose the latter option, I highly recommend the most delicate cycle possible and suggest that you turn the cashmere inside out and then put it in a mesh bag or a pillow case with a knot tied to keep it closed. Your sweaters can then be air dried, but not wrung out! The result of either method will be sweat-free, fluffy sweaters that smell faintly of lavender. I can attest to the fact that either way works – if you do it right and stick with cold water and gentle cycles, only the smallest amount of tightening will occur. The natural botanical oils in the formula also ward against pesky moths. Bonus!