Early Morning Charleston [Photos]

A little photo recap from a vacation in South Carolina last week – definitely didn’t regret lugging along my big camera for this early morning walk through Charleston. Couldn’t get enough of the architecture, gardens, and morning light.

Charleston 1

Had to make a necessary stop before the walk, obviously.Charleston 4

Charleston 2One of the sweetest takes on “Private Property” that I ever did see.

Charleston 3

South Carolina is not a state, it is a cult. – Pat Conroy

Charleston 4

Charleston is most definitely one of my favorite cities. Have you ever been?


Moore Spring

The (long overdue) arrival of warm weather in New England has meant that I’ve been wishfully thinking “spring” for a few months now without being able to dress the part. Finally, on a sunny day a few weeks ago, when it finally felt like I might not be forcing it, I decided to dig in to my bin of summer clothes that had been packed away all winter. Dressing up in colors I hadn’t worn since last summer season inspired me to break out some locally-sourced accessories I hadn’t worn in a while: my Angela Moore bracelets.


If you encountered me circa spring 2009, you’d find me rocking these pretty pastel beads at least once a week. Before Alex and Ani or Kiel James Patrick came on the RI bracelet scene, my friends and I were all voracious Angela Moore collectors, accruing large collections of painted bracelets with matching necklaces or earrings, in many cases. When birthdays rolled around, a little blue bag emblazoned with AM’s leafy logo was a welcome gift. Since they were such a staple when I was little, I tend to associate them with my lovely little island home – appropriately so, given that the only Angela Moore store outside of Florida is in Newport. It’s been quite a few summers since I actually wore them downtown, but I’m definitely thinking of bringing them back in to my jewelry rotation this year!

For more information about the brand or to buy a bracelet of your own, check out the Angela Moore Collection online.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated  by Angela Moore for my writing – I just sincerely love my bracelets and wanted to share!


Bach in the Bath

Powder Blue Bathroomimage via

Fun fact about me: when I was little, I used to be afraid in the shower because I’d watched some scary TV show where a slime monster would invade people’s homes through their pipes. I was always scared that when I closed my eyes to shampoo, the creepy thing would come out of the drain and attack me. Normal, right? My irrational fear happened to compete with how much I enjoy baths and showers – like every other normal human I know, I can’t get enough of the water, the warmth and the deliciously scented products that are a part of the bathing process. I’d take three a day if I wasn’t concerned about my skin being adequately moisturized. My solution back in the day to my Goosebumps-induced issue was, naturally, to bring my little tape player into the bathroom and listen to a Pocahontas book on tape. Not only was I not scared anymore, but I found myself especially capable of pretending to be a Native American princess hanging out under a casual waterfall. You know, if waterfalls ever were located in the upstairs bathroom of my house in Rhode Island.

Sadly, my “Just Around the Riverbend” themed-shower days have passed, but it still holds true that I like listening to music as I rinse and repeat. Generally, the radio in my shower has always been set to my favorite car radio stations (shoutout to 92PRO-FM), but this past month I made a small alteration that has been a huge game changer to my morning routine. I find myself feeling more calm, joyful, and invigorated when I start my day…and if you know me you know another fun fact about me is that I am not a morning person.  Thus, those are not words I would usually use to describe my feelings before 10 am. So, what’s my nifty trick? Continue reading

Folk on Folk

Lucky little me, the concert Derek got me for my birthday and the concert I got him for Christmas fell on back to back weekends! Last Friday, I was treated to the styling sounds of Brett Dennen, who I first saw in 2007 when he opened for John Mayer and whose music always puts a smile on my face. Dennen’s opener, Foy Vance, was a wonderful little surprise – his beautiful voice is definitely worth checking out. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, he’s especially relevant too, being from Ireland. This Saturday, we will be seeing the Avett Brothers at the TD Garden with Old Crow Medicine Show as the opener – they’re DTR’s favorite band and I’m pumped about the seats I was able to secure.

With all this music in mind, here’s a little playlist for your Friday sampling some of my favorite tunes by all the aforementioned artists. Enjoy!

Happy birthday HNM!

A very happy 23rd to a truly remarkable lady, the lovely miss Holly.

IMG_1855editFrom kindergarten to our roaring 20’s, it has been an honor and a pleasure to have you as a friend for the past 18 years. From your late-blooming love for HP, to your appreciation for all things Americana and New-England related, you are one of my most kindred spirits, someone who “gets it” without explanation and knows my history because you are a part of it! You have been there for both the joyous moments and the difficult ones, and are truly a blessing.

The genuine care and compassion you have for other people is so admirable, you’re beautiful both inside and out, and of course, life would not be the same without your infectious (…and hilarious) laugh. Cheers to your 23rd and many more to come! Excited to celebrate with you. xoxo CMQ

IMG_1215(I know this was from last year…but it’s still one of my favorite Picstitches to date so I’m just going to bring it back here.)