DIY Custom iPhone Charger

14-06-10Is there any minor inconvenience worse than not having a charger or losing yours? In a time where it seems like almost everyone I know is using an Apple device of some kind, there’s something to be said about marking your charger to make sure no one mistakes it for their own. Having once lived in a suite with seven other girls in college, I know how difficult it can be to keep track of “your” charger (for phone, computer, etc) when there are several identical other ones in close proximity. You could write your name on it, but  in my experience, even permanent marker wears off with the heat chargers generate. What’s a quick, inexpensive solution to making a custom colored charger? Continue reading

Geek Chic | Scoring the Seat

In my ongoing quest to become an increasingly good gift giver, I’ve had to branch out and realize the beauty of experiential gifts. Obviously, I’m as much of a clothes/decor gal as the next so I highly enjoy receiving new duds for special occasions, but my lovely beau much prefers to be gifted with things like concerts…”experiences,” if you will. If this sounds like someone in your life who is lucky enough to be on your list of birthday gift recipients, then the website/app you’re looking for is Seatgeek.

Seatgeek homepage


Seatgeek is essentially pretty simple – it’s a website where you look up an event and it searches high and low over the interwebs to bring you tickets to said event. What’s cool about it though is that it evaluates both price and location of the seats, ranking everything in terms of the deal you’re receiving. So, for example, the top of the list might not show all the cheapest tickets, but it will show you the best bang for your buck.

Additionally, it ranks ebay among the sites it searches – never would have thought to go there for tickets to an event, but have been pleasantly surprised by how nice the experience was!

Most recently, I used Seatgeek to procure Red Sox tickets for Opening Day weekend. In the past, I’ve found it helpful for concerts both ones where I was looking to save or ones where I was looking to splurge. If you’re a concert junkie or an avid sports fan, it’s definitely worth a download!

On picstitches.

First, my apologies for being gone so long…I’ve been in a bit of a blogging rut and also totally preoccupied by my own birthday as well as my mom’s 60th. However, all those birthdays have brought my train of thought to the latest station: the weird social phenomenon that is the birthday picstitch.

What are you even talking about?  Continue reading

Apps for Accidents

App LoveThough technically I can’t say  the app made by my insurance company is one I’ve used and loved, after last week I definitely now have it installed. On my way home last Thursday (ie post-snowstorm from Wednesdy), I was hit dead-center on my driver’s side by someone who had a stop sign but was unable to stop because his tires skidded on the snow. Since I’d only ever been in one accident before and the other driver had been in exactly none himself, neither of us was particularly organized about the process. Did I mention it was also below 11 degrees out while we were trying to exchange information? Definitely not motivating conditions to stay out in the cold.

After calling my mom and learning that apparently, you’re supposed to call the police to come when someone hits you (duh Christina…) I headed to the local PD. There, I realized with disappointment that my frazzled self had forgotten to capture the other car’s license plate (rookie mistake) and the contact information I’d asked the other driver to write down was limited to only his name and address. Not helpful. In another stroke of bad luck, his phone had died while we were sorting things out and with it, apparently, went all his insurance information. A bit sketchy, right? In case you were wondering, what I had to show was really not enough to do anything productive. Luckily, the Newport Police Department was very helpful, and my Google sleuthing abilities allowed me to contact the other driver the following day.

USAAYou know what might have helped in this situation though? The app from my insurance company. I would have been able to begin reporting the claim on the spot, it would have prompted me to enter all the necessary information, and it even would have let me upload pictures from the scene. Hindsight is 20/20, and of course I’m wishing that I’d thought of it earlier, but in the future I’m now prepared with the trusty USAA app. I hope no one reading ever is forced to use an insurance app either, but will make the suggestion that in the interest of expecting the unexpected, you might want to download whatever your provider can offer! Safe driving!

On scenic photos

On Scenic Photos

I just want to let everyone know that I have a theory on a trend, and I’m calling it now. Scenic pictures – they’re on their way out of the Facebook world. Give it a few months and I believe people will genuinely only bother uploading pictures that involve people or non-people pics that fall into the following niche categories: Continue reading