My name is Christina, but I tend to also go by my initials: CMQ. (Spoiler alert: yes, I have a deep appreciation for monograms.) Pursuing my interest in digital media, I created Newport State of Mind in 2010 after my freshman year at Boston College. Though it has taken some twists and turns since inception, ultimately I have always hoped to make NptSOM a place where I could wax poetic about my (many) opinions and passions, sharing them with others. Thanks for reading — please enjoy!

The Name

IMG_0757Growing up on Aquidneck Island, home to the beautiful, historic city of Newport, permanently influenced my personal tastes. I have a special spot in my heart for gorgeous coastal spots, excellent seafood, New England style, and of course, anchors. Though I’m not always in the City by the Sea, I find that it still inspires and influences me on a day-to-day basis. I certainly respect the city that inspired my pal Frank Sinatra’s iconic New York lyric, but I personally strive to always be in a Newport state of mind!

Finer Details

I highly enjoy well-made cocktails and love trying new variations. I’m a sucker for a pretty sky, whether it involves stars, clouds, or sunsets. I walk on my toes…which you’d probably have to see in person to understand. I’m a huge fan of background music, especially when it includes jazz. When I’m at a restaurant, I almost always order dessert. Learning about a cool new app or interesting tech company gives me a thrill. On any given day I’m likely to be found wearing an article of clothing that is navy blue.


IMG_0947My father passed away from terminal cancer in the fall of 2012 during my senior year in college. Besides the amazing support I had from family and friends, I found a lot of comfort in knowing that other people could relate to losing a parent at a younger age. I occasionally discuss this topic on Newport State of Mind, hoping to resonate with anyone who knows what it’s like to miss someone special.

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