Early Morning Charleston [Photos]

A little photo recap from a vacation in South Carolina last week – definitely didn’t regret lugging along my big camera for this early morning walk through Charleston. Couldn’t get enough of the architecture, gardens, and morning light.

Charleston 1

Had to make a necessary stop before the walk, obviously.Charleston 4

Charleston 2One of the sweetest takes on “Private Property” that I ever did see.

Charleston 3

South Carolina is not a state, it is a cult. – Pat Conroy

Charleston 4

Charleston is most definitely one of my favorite cities. Have you ever been?



Maybe this is just me, but whenever I have to shut and lock first floor windows when it’s dark out, I’m always extremely scared that as I’m doing so someone will be trying to get in the window. I suspect I may have indulged in the Home Alone movies too much as a child?