Moore Spring

The (long overdue) arrival of warm weather in New England has meant that I’ve been wishfully thinking “spring” for a few months now without being able to dress the part. Finally, on a sunny day a few weeks ago, when it finally felt like I might not be forcing it, I decided to dig in to my bin of summer clothes that had been packed away all winter. Dressing up in colors I hadn’t worn since last summer season inspired me to break out some locally-sourced accessories I hadn’t worn in a while: my Angela Moore bracelets.


If you encountered me circa spring 2009, you’d find me rocking these pretty pastel beads at least once a week. Before Alex and Ani or Kiel James Patrick came on the RI bracelet scene, my friends and I were all voracious Angela Moore collectors, accruing large collections of painted bracelets with matching necklaces or earrings, in many cases. When birthdays rolled around, a little blue bag emblazoned with AM’s leafy logo was a welcome gift. Since they were such a staple when I was little, I tend to associate them with my lovely little island home – appropriately so, given that the only Angela Moore store outside of Florida is in Newport. It’s been quite a few summers since I actually wore them downtown, but I’m definitely thinking of bringing them back in to my jewelry rotation this year!

For more information about the brand or to buy a bracelet of your own, check out the Angela Moore Collection online.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated  by Angela Moore for my writing – I just sincerely love my bracelets and wanted to share!


Food Truckin’ in the 401

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the last stop on the Food Truck Festivals of New England tour when it came to Newport. The lovely Margaret Tseng and the wonderful Kevin Hou gamely took on the event with me; together we battled shockingly powerful winds, challenged stomachs that were already quite full from brunch, and embarked on a quest for free koozies (only Kevin was successful..). Five things I learned:

Photo Credit | Kevin Hou

Photo Credit | Kevin Hou

1. Oysters that come from a salt pond are apparently A-okay, especially when they’ve just been shucked.

Kev2. Nice beer comes in cans too. Though novel, this fact becomes less exciting when you remember how hard it is to hold cans when it’s cold outside and how easily they fly away in the wind once they’re somewhat empty.

Food Trucks

3. The only thing as cool as the food is the design on its truck.

Photo Credit | Kevin Hou

Photo Credit | Kevin Hou

4. Margaret Tseng is 100% one of the most adorable people I know.

Photo Credit | Kevin Hou

Photo Credit | Kevin Hou

5. I apparently have to dine at Tallulah’s ASAP to find out if the rest of their food is as delectable as these tacos.

Thanks to Kevin and Margaret for being my enthusiastic event companions, and of course for the fabulous photo documentation!

Happy Birthday Carly!

CAB BirthdayIn honor of one of my oldest and best friend’s birthday, a throwback to the end of summer. Although your birthday is obviously in October, some of my favorite memories are nights just like this one, cooking out at Hazard’s with our families – having cocktails and apps on the rocking chairs, and of course enjoying the company of our families. Hope you have such a happy birthday and can’t wait to come visit in NYC soon! xoHazard'sHazard's

Some G&Ts and Dark ‘n Stormies, naturally.Hazard'sHazard's

One of my favorite families.HzRD'SHazard's

Old Dress, New Twist


Vintage Dress, Necklace c/o Lisa Benson, Longchamp Bag

Although I tend to complain that my mother never throws anything away, when it comes to clothes, her reluctance to purge has proven to be beneficial to my own closet. Some of my favorite pieces have been permanently borrowed from both my parents, and this dress is the most recent addition to that wardrobe category.

Though it probably dates back to the 80s or earlier, its simple silhouette, bright goldenrod color, and durable cotton fabric make it a timeless piece I could have easily purchased in the current season. Its length (tea length or just above the ankle) means it also loosely fits in to the maxi dress trend that is still having its moment. Paired with a statement necklace, it was the perfect outfit for some summer cocktails with family at Castle Hill.


Liars at best can be highly engaging in the short term but, like a reality television star-du-jour, get trite very quickly.” – Muffy Aldrich

The point she makes in this piece is akin to the people claiming to be “from Newport” when in fact they’re from the Newport area. Though my zipcode has always referred to Aquidneck Island, it has never been 02840. As such, when trying to explain the part of RI I’m from to out of staters, I never claim to be a Newport resident, championing the fact that I simply live “on the Island” instead. Perhaps that makes me as bad as some of the people Muffy references who claim a family home as their own? I’d like to think though that I’ve spent enough time walking cobblestoned Upper Thames over the years and enjoyed enough sunsets with the bridge in the background to legitimize my Portsmouth residency as being deserving of a close-to-Newport label.

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