Cross(body) Examination

I’m one of those people who either has a large bag (generally a Longchamp Le Pliage) or is going out with only my wallet in hand. Although I own a lot of pretty clutches, in my mind they’re practically the same as just having the wallet because I have to actively hold them alongside my drink and whatever else I have in my hands at a bar or event. Clearly, I’m lacking the perfect in-between, a pretty crossbody bag. Enter these selections:

Crossbodies1. Kate Spade, Bright Light Carah in rose gold, $158.Love the bow!
2. Brahmin, Mimosa Crossbody Bag $195 Might be the one I buy…their leather products are fantastic and they’re locally manufactured in southeastern MA! #USAmade
3. Tory Burch, Marion Quilted Crossbody, $250 Navy is always perfect and so is its pretty chain strap. The quilting is interesting too.
4. Asos, Ostrich Across-Body Bag, $27 Inexpensive, unique, and chic!
5. Tory Burch, Thea Mini Fold-Over Cross-Body, $225 Would really work across all occasions and comes in black too! Love the tassel detail.

Now to be fair, I actually own several (like 4+) crossbody bags already, but they’re all Coach in that sort of mid-range, rectangular size. You know, the size that still feels like you’re carrying around a lot of everyday stuff, all of which apparently needs to be flat to fit? Not knocking Coach at all – they were lovely gifts over the years and I have friends who swear by those very bags. Currently though, my tastes run towards something a little more “night-time” and a bit more neutral (the Coach bags all included a lot of pink…) so definitely keeping my eye on these for my next investment leather purchase!

Side note: in a completely different size range, but I also love Pink Pineapple’s Envelope Clutch – inexpensive enough to purchase to match a special outfit and monogramable – always a deal-maker in my books!

Which ones are your favorites? Any other recommendations?

Preface the following with the fact that I love Kate Spade. They do so much so well (especially in terms of having a digital presence). Thus, I am confused about the video this link directs to. My concerns:

1. I don’t think this video showcases the clothes enough.

2. It doesn’t seem like the usual Kate Spade feel…I almost get Old Navy vibes which is terrifying.

3. I find the wall paper distracting, although I appreciate the effort to be matchy-matchy.

4. The music choices feel off. See point 2.

I’m not sure what it is about the video, but something(or perhaps a few?) seems off. Do others agree?

Not quite the same…