DIY Custom iPhone Charger

14-06-10Is there any minor inconvenience worse than not having a charger or losing yours? In a time where it seems like almost everyone I know is using an Apple device of some kind, there’s something to be said about marking your charger to make sure no one mistakes it for their own. Having once lived in a suite with seven other girls in college, I know how difficult it can be to keep track of “your” charger (for phone, computer, etc) when there are several identical other ones in close proximity. You could write your name on it, but  in my experience, even permanent marker wears off with the heat chargers generate. What’s a quick, inexpensive solution to making a custom colored charger? Continue reading


On unplugging.

Simplify Sometime last week, one of my best friends broke her iPhone – a heart-wrenching occasion, especially if you haven’t activated your iCloud. After going a day or two off the grid, she is now on a renewed kick to reduce her social media action, living beyond the control of her device. Obviously in this day and age it’s easier said than done.  I feel like there’s a constant pressure to be “creating,” whether it’s someone commenting that you “never Snapchat them back” or another asking you to upload those photos you took weeks ago that they’ve been waiting to see.

Within the discussion about her phone, my friend mentioned that she likes that I am irregular about posting Instagrams, noting that it’s nice to sometimes add mystery by keeping people guessing about what you’re doing. Obviously I found this to be somewhat amusing since out of all our friends I’m the only one that feels a need to share my thoughts/photos with the digital world through a blog…but she has a point. I Instagram infrequently, I certainly don’t tweet as often as a lot of my friends, and it could take me a week to respond to a Facebook comment/post. I could try to take the compliment and play it off like I’m being mysterious, trying to keep people guessing about my life. The truth, though, is that my behavior is by no means intentional – I don’t purposefully take tech breaks.  Continue reading

Also, in the picture of my awesome DIY dress, you can see my awesome Otterbox iPhone case. Yes, I’m clumsy with phones and need a super heavy duty case. No, I don’t mind admitting it. Sweet color right?