Moore Spring

The (long overdue) arrival of warm weather in New England has meant that I’ve been wishfully thinking “spring” for a few months now without being able to dress the part. Finally, on a sunny day a few weeks ago, when it finally felt like I might not be forcing it, I decided to dig in to my bin of summer clothes that had been packed away all winter. Dressing up in colors I hadn’t worn since last summer season inspired me to break out some locally-sourced accessories I hadn’t worn in a while: my Angela Moore bracelets.


If you encountered me circa spring 2009, you’d find me rocking these pretty pastel beads at least once a week. Before Alex and Ani or Kiel James Patrick came on the RI bracelet scene, my friends and I were all voracious Angela Moore collectors, accruing large collections of painted bracelets with matching necklaces or earrings, in many cases. When birthdays rolled around, a little blue bag emblazoned with AM’s leafy logo was a welcome gift. Since they were such a staple when I was little, I tend to associate them with my lovely little island home – appropriately so, given that the only Angela Moore store outside of Florida is in Newport. It’s been quite a few summers since I actually wore them downtown, but I’m definitely thinking of bringing them back in to my jewelry rotation this year!

For more information about the brand or to buy a bracelet of your own, check out the Angela Moore Collection online.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated  by Angela Moore for my writing – I just sincerely love my bracelets and wanted to share!


Falling for Fall

Pumpkin PickingI feel like this year especially, everyone I know has plans to go (or already went) to a farm/orchard to do cutesy fall things like apple picking, pumpkin picking, or corn-mazing. Perhaps it’s cliché then that last Sunday the boyfriend and I stopped at a small (tiny!) farm in Canton to do all those things? If so, then I have to confess I really am a fan of the occasional cliché. After all, there’s a reason things catch on.

Pakeen Farm

Pakeen FarmHonestly if you’re ever driving on I-93 near the Canton exit at this time of year, this little place is right off the highway and so cute. Totally worth a quick (or long!) stop.

Pakeen Farm

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Must-See Jewelry Event @ BC | Wednesday, Oct 16th

To all my Boston-based ladies who are even remotely close to BC, the lovely Lisa Benson will be on campus with absolutely gorgeous pieces for fall (and winter…and spring.. and summer) this Friday, October 11th (excuse the typo in the graphic below…). I attended one of her in-house shows last week and got these shots of some of the pieces she’ll have on Friday.

Event Info

Whether you’re looking for a statement necklace, a version of a popular design, or a simple, everyday piece, she will have something beautiful for you!


Love any combination of cheetah, gold, black, and sparkles – perfect all together or individually.

I’m a sucker for a pretty ring, and at less than $15 each, you can afford to splurge on these. I have a starfish one that was raking in the compliments all summer.

Lulu FrostI adore this one — it reminds me a lot of Lulu Frost and is such a fabulous shade of amber. Super sparkly and at $18 will certainly not cost as much as it looks!

Lulu Piece

Whether you’re still at BC or not, I would high-tail it to McElroy on Wednesday and grab these before they’re gone! Everyone deserves to make a statement – these pieces will do just that.

Bubble Necklace

I can be seen wearing pieces from Lisa this summer and more recently during Boston Fashion Week, and still always want something new every time I see what she has available. She’s also a sweetheart to talk to and is beautiful both inside and out, just like her four daughters! Definitely make a stop on Wednesday at Mac – you’ll be glad you did!

Cross(body) Examination

I’m one of those people who either has a large bag (generally a Longchamp Le Pliage) or is going out with only my wallet in hand. Although I own a lot of pretty clutches, in my mind they’re practically the same as just having the wallet because I have to actively hold them alongside my drink and whatever else I have in my hands at a bar or event. Clearly, I’m lacking the perfect in-between, a pretty crossbody bag. Enter these selections:

Crossbodies1. Kate Spade, Bright Light Carah in rose gold, $158.Love the bow!
2. Brahmin, Mimosa Crossbody Bag $195 Might be the one I buy…their leather products are fantastic and they’re locally manufactured in southeastern MA! #USAmade
3. Tory Burch, Marion Quilted Crossbody, $250 Navy is always perfect and so is its pretty chain strap. The quilting is interesting too.
4. Asos, Ostrich Across-Body Bag, $27 Inexpensive, unique, and chic!
5. Tory Burch, Thea Mini Fold-Over Cross-Body, $225 Would really work across all occasions and comes in black too! Love the tassel detail.

Now to be fair, I actually own several (like 4+) crossbody bags already, but they’re all Coach in that sort of mid-range, rectangular size. You know, the size that still feels like you’re carrying around a lot of everyday stuff, all of which apparently needs to be flat to fit? Not knocking Coach at all – they were lovely gifts over the years and I have friends who swear by those very bags. Currently though, my tastes run towards something a little more “night-time” and a bit more neutral (the Coach bags all included a lot of pink…) so definitely keeping my eye on these for my next investment leather purchase!

Side note: in a completely different size range, but I also love Pink Pineapple’s Envelope Clutch – inexpensive enough to purchase to match a special outfit and monogramable – always a deal-maker in my books!

Which ones are your favorites? Any other recommendations?

An Irish Surprise

Last week I was pumped when I got home and had received a package. After all, who doesn’t like packages?! There’s always something thrilling about any sort of mail, but the excitement of a potential surprise contained in a specially shipped, brown box is extra special. The contents did not disappoint! My aunt (who seems to just always know what to get me as a great gift…) and cousin had been at the store-opening for Alex and Ani‘s new Georgetown location, and bought this PGA Tour Lucky Golf Ball bangle for me to add to my collection. PGA Alex and Ani

Now, I was completely shocked when I saw this, because although I obviously have seen PGA-related gear before, I’d never seen a shamrock added into the logo. The design is especially significant to me because my dad used to take a green Sharpie and mark all his golf balls with a little shamrock. We even added that detail in to the logo for the PVQ Memorial Golf Tournament! Apparently, this was the last one they had in the store too. The bracelet was such a special surprise on so many levels, and I’m thrilled to wear it! Thanks Ann & Beck!