DIY Custom iPhone Charger

14-06-10Is there any minor inconvenience worse than not having a charger or losing yours? In a time where it seems like almost everyone I know is using an Apple device of some kind, there’s something to be said about marking your charger to make sure no one mistakes it for their own. Having once lived in a suite with seven other girls in college, I know how difficult it can be to keep track of “your” charger (for phone, computer, etc) when there are several identical other ones in close proximity. You could write your name on it, but  in my experience, even permanent marker wears off with the heat chargers generate. What’s a quick, inexpensive solution to making a custom colored charger? Continue reading


Tristan Walker, a business developer at Foursquare who was incredibly persistent in attempting to get hired. Note how beautiful his go-to-hell shirt color is on him. There’s something to be said for having the know-how and confidence to wear brights.

Don’t believe me? Ask Lilly.


I like when the sky is all lit up, in colors that bleed together like the lines of a watercolor painting, but the stationary things like the plants and trees and buildings and signs, are black, silhouetted against the sky, their edges as crisp as if they’d been drawn carefully in ink by a fine tip pen. Most particularly I appreciate when this happens near an ocean, because the surface fades to black but the ripples and waves and swells can’t help but reflect the gold and pink and clouds in the sky. So, even if the ocean tries to let the sky have all the attention (let’s face it, she’s beautiful), as it tends to be with lovers, he can’t help but reflect her beauty in himself, giving glimpses of her radiance as he moves and bends to stare at his object of fascination and adoration.

Sanibel, Florida ❘ Spring Break 2011