DIY Custom iPhone Charger

14-06-10Is there any minor inconvenience worse than not having a charger or losing yours? In a time where it seems like almost everyone I know is using an Apple device of some kind, there’s something to be said about marking your charger to make sure no one mistakes it for their own. Having once lived in a suite with seven other girls in college, I know how difficult it can be to keep track of “your” charger (for phone, computer, etc) when there are several identical other ones in close proximity. You could write your name on it, but  in my experience, even permanent marker wears off with the heat chargers generate. What’s a quick, inexpensive solution to making a custom colored charger?

Nail polish. Might sound crazy, but a friend of mine showed me this trick about a year ago, and I’ve since taken to painting my chargers. It won’t wear off, you can paint the whole thing or just your initials, and of course, it’s pretty! Here’s how do it:

Charger 1

Step One: Remove your charger plug from its cable, and pick out your polish of choice.


Step Two: Make sure the charger is free of dirt and anything else – as with nails, the polish will take better to a clean surface.

Charger 3

Step Three: Get after it and start painting! If you’re a cautious person, you might want to tape off the ends, but in my experience excess polish can be wiped off if you do it right away.


Step Four: Finish up, let dry, and add another coat, if needed!

Almost not even a DIY it’s so easy, right? But once you make yours distinguishable from anyone else’s (I have a glittery one) you’ll never be confused in a group again. Hooray!

Editor’s Note: Based on past experience circa 2005, this process also works for the shaft of a lacrosse stick – should that ever be something you’re looking to customize…


Go for it...

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