Geek Chic | Scoring the Seat

In my ongoing quest to become an increasingly good gift giver, I’ve had to branch out and realize the beauty of experiential gifts. Obviously, I’m as much of a clothes/decor gal as the next so I highly enjoy receiving new duds for special occasions, but my lovely beau much prefers to be gifted with things like concerts…”experiences,” if you will. If this sounds like someone in your life who is lucky enough to be on your list of birthday gift recipients, then the website/app you’re looking for is Seatgeek.

Seatgeek homepage


Seatgeek is essentially pretty simple – it’s a website where you look up an event and it searches high and low over the interwebs to bring you tickets to said event. What’s cool about it though is that it evaluates both price and location of the seats, ranking everything in terms of the deal you’re receiving. So, for example, the top of the list might not show all the cheapest tickets, but it will show you the best bang for your buck.

Additionally, it ranks ebay among the sites it searches – never would have thought to go there for tickets to an event, but have been pleasantly surprised by how nice the experience was!

Most recently, I used Seatgeek to procure Red Sox tickets for Opening Day weekend. In the past, I’ve found it helpful for concerts both ones where I was looking to save or ones where I was looking to splurge. If you’re a concert junkie or an avid sports fan, it’s definitely worth a download!


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