Happy birthday HNM!

A very happy 23rd to a truly remarkable lady, the lovely miss Holly.

IMG_1855editFrom kindergarten to our roaring 20’s, it has been an honor and a pleasure to have you as a friend for the past 18 years. From your late-blooming love for HP, to your appreciation for all things Americana and New-England related, you are one of my most kindred spirits, someone who “gets it” without explanation and knows my history because you are a part of it! You have been there for both the joyous moments and the difficult ones, and are truly a blessing.

The genuine care and compassion you have for other people is so admirable, you’re beautiful both inside and out, and of course, life would not be the same without your infectious (…and hilarious) laugh. Cheers to your 23rd and many more to come! Excited to celebrate with you. xoxo CMQ

IMG_1215(I know this was from last year…but it’s still one of my favorite Picstitches to date so I’m just going to bring it back here.)





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