Feel free to think I’m crazy…

…because I’m nowhere near being pregnant nor do I plan on it anytime soon, but I really am coveting this body pillow by the bump nest.

Picture 4

Now, I realize it’s made for aching backs carrying extra weight, and I know it’s probably more comfortable when you’re “with child,” but honestly, I just like the feeling of being cuddled while I’m sleeping and this seems like it would do the trick! Plus, once you check out the gorgeous fabrics available for its (machine washable!) cover, you might just want one too.

Another detail that’s beautiful in a less literal way: the company takes scraps from the fabric they use and make them into baby beanies that are donated to children in need around the world.

Don’t worry, if I cave and decide to splurge on one for myself anyways, I’ll be sure to take some gratutious selfies to share.

Go for it...

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