DIY | Scented Cents


In life, there are a lot of shockingly good smells. Cookies, Chanel, peonies, and Ralph Lauren Blue all immediately come to mind. However, one scent I simply cannot abide is that of change. Not in the metaphorical sense (“Change is in the air…”) but literally, I hate the smell of coins. They remind me of blood, or something equally gross and metallic. Also, sidewalks. Obviously, you can imagine I might be a bit sensitive to opening my wallet, seeing as how it’s the place where those nasty rounds of metal live. However, I’ve come up with an innovative fix for my issue! (#thankgoodness) If you, like I, don’t care for the musty odor that coins – really, money in general – bring to the purse party, then take note of the following solution. Spoiler alert: it’s both effective and f-r-e-e!

Step 1: Hit up your local perfume counter. Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s or simply your favorite local dresser/vanity – hopefully they’re all stocked with scents you adore!

Step 2: Go nuts on a scent testing card. Spray card generously with your scent of choice and wave in the air to dry. If you decided to really DIY this project and are utilizing your own perfume, any thick cardstock will suffice as substitute for the snazzy shaped/branded perfume counter cards. I recommend a portion of an index card, although it will not look quite as snooty-chic hanging out in your wallet as the aforementioned paper products. Womp, womp.

Step 3: Tuck that bad boy in to your wallet. If you have a roomier, open center section, I’d choose that area for storage.

Step 4: Amaze everyone with your intoxicatingly good smelling ca$h. Or, for that matter, checks. (Just got my first set last month…#adultlife!)

Bonus: The steps above also work well to perfume day planners, makeup bags, and of course, folders where you can keep copies of your resume. Gives it a little something extra, don’t you think?

Double Bonus: Now you finally have something to do with the pages in magazines that contain scent samples… besides smelling them briefly or sadly chafing your poor wrist in an attempt to transfer the paper-bound perfume! I know, this opens up a whole new world of options. You’re welcome.


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