Doggie Diapers

Although a big emotional jump from my last post, I’m here to address another family member: my dog. This is Snowy.Snowy(He’s looking especially good here because he’d just been groomed)
As a dog of a rather advanced age, (turning sixteen in February!) Snowy has developed some senior tendencies as he’s gotten older. One such development has been far, far worse than any of the others – he has become an angry tinkler. Indeed, this innocent-looking white fluff ball will actually angrily pee while staring you in the eye if you don’t give him what he wants sometimes. This has been especially frustrating for those of us who live with him. Imagine heading up to bed only to step your foot into a fresh pile of pee. #gross The solution?
Although we tried a lot of different approaches (fake patch of grass, giant absorbent pads on the floor, etc.)  with varying degrees of failure, what we’ve finally come to trust is a weird combination. Petco sells dog diapers and absorbent pads to line them…but it only took one incident to realize that the pads were no match for the little Snow-man’s bladder size. What we tried instead was putting a Depend (yes, the pads grown men put in their underwear to absorb…you know…leaks..) inside the doggie diaper instead. The result has been nothing short of a  beautiful miracle. We come home to a pee-free house and my Snowybear doesn’t have to feel embarrassed for not being able to hold it while we’re both at work. Win-win.
IMG_2764Plus how stylin’ is he looking? As someone who tried to dress this dog up his whole life, I can honestly say he has never tried to wriggle out of these or take them off the way he always has with the countless sweaters/sweatshirts/boots we have bought him. Fellow senior dog owners, take note!


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