Gift Idea: For the Writer (or Aspiring One)

Q&A A DayAlthough when it comes to gifts the focus tends to be on the centerpiece – the big gift that you’re sure will wow someone – the accent gifts can’t be ignored. The Q&A a Day: 5 Year Journal is a perfect small gift for the person in your life who loves to write, or the one who has been meaning to for years.

The journal has a page for each day of the year and poses a different question for the writer to answer each day, with room for five years’ worth of responses. My mom gave me one last year; I think it’s a great little book to keep by your bedside and scribble a quick response into before you go to sleep. The concept of seeing how your answers have changed over the years is cool too. In my opinion, having the ability to look back and remember yourself at a different time is one of the biggest benefits of keeping a journal. This little book allows you to reap that benefit while a commitment of only a sentence or two a day. There are other versions without the daily questions, or in editions made for couples or kids. A great little gift for under $20!


Go for it...

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