On season’s greetings.

Merry and Bright

Beautiful card available from Little Bohemian Papiere via Etsy – click picture to purchase

Though my appreciation for writing materials and the contents they contain is quickly becoming a constant theme, with the holiday season in motion my mind can’t help but be brought to the thought of cards. Though I love them in any season and for any occasion, there’s something extra special about them around this time of year.

I love the flurry of meaningful activity the mailbox gets once December hits. Although catalogs seem to roll in at an all-time high, and packages certainly take the title of “most exciting thing that gets delivered to the house,” the influx of holiday cards is such a special sign of the season. I remember when I was younger there was the inevitable pressure in the previous months to get a photo taken that would achieve Christmas card status (me and my dog in matching Santa hats anyone? Sadly, this actually happened once…). In fact, in my house there’s a highly entertaining series of photos on our stairs depicting selections from years passed – a popular source of entertainment for any of my friends visiting nowadays. Photo cards are my favorite – it’s always exciting to see what picture people choose, how much everyone has grown in just a year.

I always have considered the idea of sending Christmas cards of my own as being one of those token “adult” tasks, albeit not one I was dreading. Though I haven’t purchased mine yet, I’m thinking this year will be the first that I take the plunge by mailing out my season’s greetings to people. I’m a sucker for any chance to write a note, so while my list is still a manageable size (under 40 is manageable, right?) I’ll be in my element working to use every available inch of space for my thoughts. I’m sure somewhere down the line I might be eating these words, but for now the thought of writing out my Christmas cards is an exciting one.

Does anyone else love doing Christmas cards? What was the first year you decided to send them out?


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