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Although it’s a pretty popular site among anyone who keeps up with a lot of blogs, I realize that some of my readers probably don’t use Bloglovin. So, I’m here to tell you why you might want to and what other blogs I recommend!

What is it?
Bloglovin is essentially a way to follow the feeds (new posts) of different blogs. If you’re familiar with an RSS feed, then you get the idea. Once you follow a blog, its new posts will be added in to your feed, where you can then go to read all the new content you have waiting.

Why is it different?
You might be thinking Bloglovin sounds like a boring old RSS feed. What I love about it though is that it allows you to see posts as they appear on the actual website (read: in their pretty form) instead of in a weird automatic font without pictures.

Why should you care?
There are very few websites that I can honestly say I check every day. I know that I am constantly trolling the Internet, coming across cool new sites, and Bloglovin makes it much easier to keep track of things I want to follow. Instead of having to bookmark tons of different sites, I can just add them to my feed and the updates are sent directly to me! If I know a blog I like, I can just search right on Bloglovin and begin to follow from there. Summary: it saves me time and memory space!

Who do I follow?
The blogs I on my Bloglovin feed are:
♦ A CUP OF JO (wildly popular blogger – former magazine writer and current mom)
♦ Bows & Sequins (lifesyle/fashion, 20-something in NYC)
♦ The College Prepster (also a very popular gal – Carly is one of the most inspiring 24 year old entrepreneurs I can think of and I would love to meet her some day in NYC)
♦ Cupcakes & Cashmere (again, another huge name in the blog world – Emily lives in LA and is the definition of a lifestyle blogger, she covers everything from fashion to cooking to decor)
♦ Design Darling (Mackenzie is best friends with Carly from TCP – they met through blogging. Also a very talented lady in her early 20s, she runs an online boutiques with such cute stuff that shares her blog’s name)
♦ Fairy Tales Are True (Another mom / fashion blog. Sarah Tucker just seems like such a sweet and beautiful person)
♦ History in High Heels (Ashley just started blogging this summer – she’s a talented graphic designer and also runs an online print shop)
♦ Ilo Inspired (Maxie McCoy is a super motivatinal 20-something who works for Levo League – her posts are longer writing pieces that encourage self-reflection)
♦ Life of Charmings (Another mommy blog by Brittany in Nashville, TN – the writing style is really casual here almost like a text or email and it’s literally just about her life, but her baby is pretty adorable)
♦ Love Taza (In my opinion the pinnacle of mommy blogs – she and her husband met in college in NYC and are pretty much the cutest along with their two kids. Also a rather popular blog)
♦ Notes on Lifestyle By Georgina (I’m looking to follow more Boston bloggers – this was one such effort. Sometimes it feels like she’s forcing content, but I appreciate the local flair and her commitment to blogging.)
♦ Pink Peonies (If you’re into gorgeous clothes, and beautifully done outfits this is it. Who knew Utah was so stylin’…)
♦ Ring My Bell (Any fan of Revenge will love this style blog by Brit Ashley Madekwe #TopShop)
♦ Sequins & Stripes (Liz Schneider blogs on fashion and lifestyle from Chi-town. I enjoy her aesthetic and cool curated collages. I also envy that her job is being a personal stylist!)
♦ Style Me Pretty (The be-all and end-all of wedding blogs. Basically get your Pinterest hat on if you’re going anywhere near here, there are 30+ new wedding profile posts per day filled with content that will make you swoon. Tulle, lace, and cake for days.)
♦ Summer Wind (A fellow recent college grad, Sydney Carver is a monogram-loving girl after my own heart. Finally, another person my own age who has some clothes from Talbots…)
♦ The Martha Blog (If you know me, you might know about my mild obsession with Martha Stewart. Her blog is one of the funniest things I’ve seen because she’s always uploading photo galleries of her own shots from big fancy NYC events or her Thanksgiving celebration…but they’re the kind of photos that you or I would take on a little point and shoot – her and all these random celebs who are attending the same event, some candids, etc. All the galleries also have her little personal commentary. It’s hilarious, like sitting down with an auntie who wants to show you her pics…except that auntie is Martha Stewart)
♦ Trends and Tolstoy (As mentioned, I like to follow a few local Boston bloggers to sort of see what’s going on nearby. Celina’s style a quite different from my own, but it’s interesting to me. She attended this year’s Boston Fashion Week too.)
♦ Unabashedly Prep (Proud to say this was the first blog I really read. It’s author FE Castleberry is a professional photographer and one cool gentleman. Killer taste across the board: style, tunes, and in life. My big claim to fame is I once sent him a Passion Pit cover of “Tonight, Tonight” and he included it in his next month’s curated playlist. I instantly felt 100x cooler.)
♦ {Long Distance Loving} (Alison is a fellow Rhode Island resident and I’m super excited to have plans to meet with her in January! She began blogging when she and her now husband were dating long distance and now blogs mainly about lifestyle topics)

*I do keep track of other blogs too, these are just the ones that are available for me to follow on Bloglovin

Shameless Plug: You can follow Newport State of Mind on Bloglovin here.


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    • Of course lady! Would love to hear any suggestions of yours. Also noteworthy: Note to Self and gadabout – look them up, I just re-found them today (came across them before I started using Blgolovin and forgot to add them in when I did)

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