Perplexing: Thanksgiving Songs or Lack Thereof

20131126-091702.jpgWhen I first started writing I used to do this series “Perplexing” where I’d rant about something I found to be confusing…and the time has come to revive it.

So here’s my issue – people complain when Christmas music starts getting put on early. I for one welcome holiday tunes at any time of year; they’re soothing. For example, if I’m home alone overnight (read: scared to fall asleep) I find that nothing helps me drift off like a jazz rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” However, even I will agree that the week of Halloween is not a time that I care to start hearing “Jingle Bells”. I’ve been avoiding one of my favorite local radio stations for almost two months due to this very issue.

The aforementioned phenomenon is only an issue though because there are no viable Thanksgiving songs (besides the Adam Sandler one*). Think about it. If there were some nice jams about stuffing and cranberry sauce touting the joys of family and football, there would be transitional music to ring in the season. Department stores would have something to play that wouldn’t be premature. Instead of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, we could be imagining fresh leaves crunching in a pumpkin patch. You know, until we were mentally prepared for the whole Jack Frost nipping at our nose part (still not ready).

Here’s my other point to be made – Thanksgiving songs would be so much more universal! Admittedly, I’m a Christian so I don’t have any beef with people wishing me “Merry Christmas” versus “Happy Holidays,” but that doesn’t mean I think everyone should be subjected to songs tailored to my faith’s holiday for literally three months. Thanksgiving is a holiday for all, a time when everyone takes a break and (hopefully) spends a moment or two reflecting on what should inspire them to give thanks. Songs about love, family, food, and gratitude should be a layup for the world of singer-songwriters, right? Maybe I’m the only one who’s confused here, but I’d like to think I’m not alone.

*Side note, has anyone else realized that this year is the perfect storm for Adam Sandler songs what with Thanksgiving and Hanukkah falling so close? Guess I’ll be wishing turkey only cost a nickel while I have so much fun-ukkah.


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