On goals.

After reading a post by one of my favorite bloggers on her motivation for writing, it got me thinking about my own “why” – that is, why do I bother spending lots of time on a personal blog that presumably only my mom might regularly read? Lately, I’ve been flattered by how many of my friends have told me they are readers or expressed interest in what I’ve written. I’m sincerely appreciative of every friend that shares their support, because honestly for a long time I’m pretty sure my most frequent site visitors were my mom and dad. Recently, quite a few people have also asked me what my “goal” is with writing.

To be honest: I’m not 100% sure.

Since I was the online editor of my college newspaper in the spring of 2010, I’ve loved the instant satisfaction that comes from creating content on the Internet. Since my first blog post, I’ve been so satisfied with the feeling of seeing my words in a public space, somewhere where anyone could come across them. I’ve liked reading since I was three, and I’ve loved writing since I started keeping a journal when I was fourteen. I love reading blogs and following the lives of interesting, normal people – some people love celebrities, I happen to love bloggers and social media. All those interests and passions come together when I blog.

Although I’ve had Newport State of Mind since 2010, I didn’t start taking posting on a regular basis seriously until this summer. It’s always been a side hobby – a way for me to occasionally vent or post pretty pictures and quotes – but now that I’m done with school it’s become a much more regular part of my routine. I enjoying coming up with new post ideas and am always pleased with myself when I learn how to do something new on Photoshop to make a concept a reality. I don’t feel weird anymore about shamelessly sharing my content because I feel like it actually is an accurate reflection of myself. Furthermore, I felt like I finally had a topic to address that was a little more unique than typical blog content. For now, I suppose my goal is similar to what is recommended in the post that inspired me to think about this: a successful blog is about the blogger creating her own space on the internet and sharing what she loves. Thanks to anyone who actually does read what I put up here – I appreciate the interest and support! xo


Go for it...

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