Splurge or Save: Spotify

ImageLately, I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing the paid version of Spotify, which would allow me to listen to a virtually endless catalog of music on all my devices, with or without being connected to internet/3G. Realistically, I haven’t downloaded new music to my computer or iPhone in months and at work I’m on a rotating schedule of Pandora, Spotify, and 8tracks depending upon the day’s mood. If I already listen to it all the time, what’s stopping me from taking the plunge?

Price? Spotify Premium is not unreasonable – at $9.99 a month it’s similar to what I would pay for Netflix. To rationalize a different way, it’s like asking myself if I would download about eight online albums a year, or a few albums in conjunction with a collection of singles. In a world where I’m comfortable paying $30-$60 for dinner, the roughly $0.33 a day is probably not going to break my bank.

Ownership? When I was attending a weekend hosted by Rent the Runway last spring, one of its founders said their biggest challenge as a model was convincing people to rent instead of buying to own. Anyone who watches streaming video is in already in the renting camp – the pressure to own an entire season of any TV show has been lessened by subscription services. Could it be that I’m still a little old fashioned and like having the music files on my computer? Really, if that’s the case, I’m an idiot because my Macbook is slow as a snail, and I would venture to guess a large part of that has to do with the 3,000+ song library sitting on its hard drive.

Intimidation? Not everyone does this yet. Most people I know still rely on good old fashioned iTunes to get their music fix. I’m not the most opposed to change in the world, but at the same time I have been known to occasionally fear the irrational (spiders…). What if I buy it and don’t use it? What it noone else ever catches on? Again, I don’t think this is reason enough to not take the plunge. I’m open to being convinced.

Does anyone else use Spotify Premium and love it?


Go for it...

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