E-ticket to Ride

App LoveAfter living in New York for a summer, I had enough terrible bus experiences trying to get to RI and Baltimore that I promised myself once I had a “big girl job” I would thereafter always take the train when going to/from Manhattan. #princessprobs, I know…sorry. With that in mind, I will be in NYC this weekend and the process of booking tickets reminded me of one app that I seldom use but simply appreciate for the convenience it offers: the Amtrak app.

I have no compelling argument to coerce you to download this other than that it makes your life a lot easier. Once you create an account, which you can do online or in the app, it will automatically keep track of all your future train trips, making the tickets automatically available right on your phone screen, even if you’ve purchased them online.

Amtrak AppThough that might seem like a pretty basic function, it’s especially helpful when you’re on a brief trip somewhere, will be nowhere near a printer, and (like me) tend to show up for trains right in the nick of time, meaning you certainly can’t be bothered with the hassle of printing it out at the little kiosk. Can’t say this app is very obscure, but if you’ve been on the fringe about getting it, I’m telling you that it will be worth the small amount of space it will take up on your phone’s hard drive when you don’t have to root around in your bag looking for your ticket!


2 thoughts on “E-ticket to Ride

  1. I’ve made the same promise – unless it’s last minute (then I bus) – Amtrak can become more expensive than a plane within hours of a trip. Also – just downloaded this App! Thanks 😉

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