On picking up the tab

Grandma & IAt this stage in my life, when I’m still in the first months of my first job and college does not feel so long ago, there are tons of exciting “little things” to experience. This past weekend, I got to savor what it felt like to take my grandma out to breakfast and pick up the tab.

To be fair, it was not an expensive bill – dramatically less than what I’d spend to split dinner and a bottle of wine with my boyfriend. However, the gesture itself was what felt so special, like a right of passage. To be honest, it’s the very least I could do for someone who has taken such great care of me my whole life.

Treating Grandma to a meal was especially meaningful because, true to her Portuguese roots, she has always gone out of her way to give others food. She’s the kind of grandma that always has freshly baked cookies in her house and when I’d come to visit would insist on making me a milkshake along with lots of other snacks. Her soups are my favorite comfort food, something I could eat every single day that always make me feel better when I’m sick. When my dad was sick, she insisted on buying giant sweetbread for a bunch of family friends who had been especially helpful and caring – passing on the job of delivery to my Dad and one of his best friends. She goes out of her way to make meals for people who she knows might be lonely around the holidays, and is incredibly generous about donating food at Thanksgiving. A woman who swears by her faith, my grandma truly seeks to feed the hungry.

With that in mind, it was especially nice for the first time to really feel like I was treating her to a meal – hopefully the first of many. To anyone close to my age – I highly recommend doing this for someone special in your life. Both you and the person you take out will leave the meal feeling special.


4 thoughts on “On picking up the tab

  1. Great post CMQ. Not surprising since you are one of the classiest ladies I know. You’ve inspired me to pick up the tab sometime soon! Keep posting, beautiful work!

    • Aww TT you flatter me. =) Honestly, it’s one of the milestones that feels good instead of scary and when it’s for someone special it means that much more. Thanks for reading! xx

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