Feel-Good Friday

Generally (and by that I mean like 3 times) I try to make Fridays about music. Today, I’ve been on a particular hot streak with OneRepublic and in listening to all their offerings on Spotify I was reminded that one of my favorite jams, especially from 2012, was by them: “Good Life“. Some of my more musically-savvy friends probably hate it, but I have to say that I love the song because, well, it is a good life isn’t it?! #cornyalert

Seriously though, we all have those songs that we especially like to play because they make us feel genuinely great. They stir something in our soul, perhaps bring us back to particular place and time. Sometimes they’re the only reminder we might need to cheer up and change moods.

Maybe I should be embarrassed to admit that one of the songs that ranks in that category for me is a pop anthem that doesn’t really address anything deeper than the idea of waking up in a foreign city after a night of partying to realize it’s great to be alive? I don’t think I am though. Beyond its catchy little guitar riff, I also started listening to this song (surprise, surprise) when my dad got sick. It’s carefree tone and simple reminder that “we have so much to feel good about” was great when I was down, and in the good moments, it helped me be cognizant of just how nice life was. So there, take it or leave it, that song does it for me.

Some others that set a similar tone for me personally:
We Found Love | Rhihanna (still not over it, shoutout to junior year)
Always Be My Baby | Mariah Carey (time can’t erase a feeling this strong? right on MC)
Seek Bromance |Tim Berg (aka Avicii) (makes me want to jump off a yacht or run through a field, idk why)
Send Me On My Way | Rusted Root (if you don’t like this, you don’t have a soul)
Strawberry Swing | Coldplay (Frank Ocean does a really nice cover too)
The Way You Look Tonight | Frank Sinatra (what can I say, I have a soft spot for Frankie and his love songs)
First Day of My Life | Bright Eyes (one of my favorite songs to fall asleep to, this might actually be kind of angsty?)
Semi-Charmed Life | Third Eye Blind (because I grew up in the 90s..weirdly this song is actually about crystal meth #whoops)
Wavin’ Flag |K’nnan (don’t even get me started on how much this song reminds me of the start of my 2009 summer)
The World’s Greatest | R. Kelly (umm sometimes it’s just nice to affirm how great we all are…)
Stereo Love | Edward Maya (never gets old)
My Love Is Your Love | Whitney Houston (only this particular club remix of it though…)
I Need Love | N*SYNC (lesser known song of theirs, such a jam though)
22 | Taylor Swift (because I’m a 22 year old female in America…I don’t know about you)

There are a ton more, I just can’t think of them all at the moment. That’s a solid, eclectic start though. Happy listening and happy weekend!


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