That time we hiked.

Hiking | Bethel, MEIn the interest of being completely honest, up until last weekend I had never hiked before, nor did I really understand what “hiking” actually meant. When my boyfriend and I planned a weekend trip to Maine, we included a hike as a central part of the itinerary – the highlight, if you will. Naively, I figured that would mean we’d be walking in the woods a little, maybe it would get a little steep at some points, maybe it would take two hours? Newsflash, CMQ – apparently that’s not hiking.

MaineI should preface this whole story by saying that during this whole experience, my allergies were at next-level status, which is always a struggle. Additionally, we were both feeling a little less than ship-shape due to a particularly excellent bartender at 22 Broad Street the night before followed by the rousing combination of pool/beer/checkers available at The Funky Red Barn. In case anyone should wonder, I lost all forms of competitive play that night…apparently I’m not the best at checkers.
MaineDespite the aforementioned obstacles, we were up bright and early to take on the day, somewhat due to the fact that our bed and breakfast, Austin’s Holidae House, stopped serving breakfast at 9AM. I am not a fan of waking up early (understatement), but I will definitely say that the eggs with cheese our host made me – with eggs from his own cage-free chickens! – was worth it. Our first stop was at a nice little set of waterfalls.MaineAs you can see here, we tragically missed the peak of foliage by about a week. It still was pretty though! As you can also see here, for the first time in a very long time, I chose to wear clothes built for function over fashion. Though I certainly don’t wear any of the following in public on a regular basis, I cannot overemphasize my fondness for: L.L. Bean Boots, UnderArmor Cold Gear leggings, and Patagonia’s Re-Tool Fleece. All three products are made with quality and performance in mind.
MaineThis is sort of what I was expecting “hiking” to be – a nicely built staircase interspersed among some trees, some demonstrative signs, wooden paths, etc. Later in the journey I was set straight.MaineThe actual hiking ended up being a legitimate climbing experience, which was challenging (in a good way) and totally worth it once we got to the top. Contrary to what all my friends and family members probably would expect, it turns out I actually like real hiking?MaineMaineNote that the headband switched owners…some of us have more bangs than others.
MaineThe marketing major in me thought this was great product placement.
MaineMaineNo big deal, just the cutest little baby squirrel taking a drink.MaineMore animal friends. I have to be honest though, I would have been terrified to take my dog anywhere near a cliff where he could fall. Then again, knowing my dog he would no interest in such a thing anyways. The trail we took back down was basically all rocks, too, and the entire time I (annoyingly) couldn’t stop exclaiming out loud how baffling it was that people had managed the route with a dog, too.
MaineMaineYou could see the road we’d driven in on from the top, too.

Needless to say, it looked a lot different form the ground. Also, for the record, we didn’t see any moose. Guess we’ll just have to go again some time…

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