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I’ve previously expounded on my love for letters, so it should come as no surprise that when I discovered I was smitten. The website was founded on the idea of one girl living in New York City – she would leave anonymous love letters all around and also later offered to write anyone a love letter with no questions asked, then mail it to a concrete address.

Confessedly, I’m the kind of person that took one look at this site and said to myself, “New hobby!!” because the thought of writing encouraging notes to people I will never meet is incredibly appealing. There are people right on the site who are gathering love letters for someone else in their life, acting as a facilitator for random love to pour in from all over the globe (and if you look at the testimonials, it really does come from all over…New Zealand, Europe etc.), and I am one of those people who would absolutely love to get cracking on helping them out.

Admittedly, writing such a letter to a total stranger would only come easily because of how many love-type letters I’ve written to people I do know. Over the years, it’s become a bit of a habit to casually pen off 6-page notes to people for no particular reason other than I had something I felt I needed to share with them. I’m a strong believer in expressing how you feel, and I know firsthand how special it can be to have a permanent, lasting token of someone’s thoughts. Both my middle/elementary school and high school were big on the “writing/receiving touchy feely letters” thing, and my own family encourages the practice as well (birthday cards are short novels). I’m so grateful this is the case, because now what’s become a habit of mine can be put to use for the benefit of others. =)

Check the MLL blog out too, it’s lovely!


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