Falling for Fall

Pumpkin PickingI feel like this year especially, everyone I know has plans to go (or already went) to a farm/orchard to do cutesy fall things like apple picking, pumpkin picking, or corn-mazing. Perhaps it’s cliché then that last Sunday the boyfriend and I stopped at a small (tiny!) farm in Canton to do all those things? If so, then I have to confess I really am a fan of the occasional cliché. After all, there’s a reason things catch on.

Pakeen Farm

Pakeen FarmHonestly if you’re ever driving on I-93 near the Canton exit at this time of year, this little place is right off the highway and so cute. Totally worth a quick (or long!) stop.

Pakeen Farm

Although the main section of the farm is small, if you’re open to exploring there’s a lot around.
Pakeen FarmPakeen FarmPakeen FarmPakeen Farm

Clearly in addition to each other, we both also like flannel and nature a lot.Pakeen Farm

Obviously we sampled cider and doughnuts from the little truck because I can’t resist anything even remotely resembling a dessert.

Pakeen FarmWe also picked out pumpkins with the intention of carving them later that night…had to reschedule due to our overzealous attempts to cook a delicious fall-inspired meal as well. Expect jack-o-lanterns after this Thursday.
IMG_2207Pakeen Farm
Pakeen FarmJ. Crew Vest | Ralph Lauren Kids Boys Flannel (similar) | Zara Pants | Ugg Australia Riding Boots | Michael Kors Watch

Tragically, I thought the best person to ask to take a picture of us would be a stressed out mom with two kids. Nedless to say, the picture was hands down just no good. So the next best thing was a selfie…which in this day and age is probably just as acceptable, I suppose.

Pakeen FarmOverall, this was such a fun little excursion and if you haven’t already done stereotypically “autumn” activities yet, you should get your flannel-clad self out there and go for it! Especially if it’s a gorgeous bluebird-sky day like this was.

Pakeen Farm


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