Homelessness is a social justice issue that has had my attention since I was in high school and did an immersion program focused on urban poverty. I don’t think you could ever argue that a particular cause is more worthy than another – there are countless ways to spend your time and treasure helping others – but for me the thought of people being passed by as if they’re not even alive has always hit a particular part of my heart. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful volunteer placement in college, but have yet to find something locally to honor this cause. As such, I was exceptionally pleased last week when I came across Socktober via the Kid President twitter account.

Socktober is an initiative between Soulpancake and Kid President to raise awareness of homelessness during the month of October. In conjunction with Smartwool, they’re encouraging people to gather socks (and other supplies) for their local homeless shelter as the fall and winter chill approaches, thereby using the Internet for good for others. Personally, I’m definitely thinking about making a little effort to reach out locally and will post an update once it’s accomplished. The video and website are definitely worth checking out, and Kid President in general is a really inspiring website in itself.


Go for it...

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