I Still Want It That Way

If you’ve ever been on a road trip with me or have heard my iPod on shuffle, you’d know that I have a deeply rooted, long-standing love affair with boy bands. Obviously I grew up on N*SYNC, the Backstreet Boys, Hanson, LFO and the like, meaning I am keeping the 90s pop scene alive and well in my 2013 everyday life. Don’t believe me?


  1. One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” off N*SYNC’s Christmas album, which I obviously own in CD form.
  2. Speaking of Christmas, when I was 15, I asked for The Best of Hanson: Live and Electric (bet you didn’t even know it existed) as a gift. Then I made my Dad and carpool listen to it on the way to school almost every day. Sorry guys. But not really.
  3. I can probably interpretive-gesture dance to all of the Backstreet Boys’ major hits…and a lot of their more obscure songs too. Consistently.
  4. A heavy theme in a lot of my AIM away messages involved the lyrics to “Summer Girls,” which in turn taught me important things like Larry Bird’s jersey number.
  5. Finally, my ringtone all throughout high school was “Mmmbop, ” the original version (reference to #1’s best-of album where they sound like men not girls). Feel free to keep laughing at that, but know that it got me out of many detentions because when I inevitably forgot to silence my ringer and it went off during class, it evoked laughter instead of anger. #mmbopthat

As time has gone on, I am shocked by how what might have been just a trend in my  music tastes has really…endured. Show me upbeat vocal harmonies, catchy beats, and sappy, sugar-sweet lyrics…and I’ll show you something that’s likely to already be on my computer/Spotify/iPhone. Obviously I’m critical of new acts like One Direction or Bieber because they’re following in hallowed footsteps (head’s up Justin, I know you totally ripped your video for “Boyfriend” from N*SYNC’s “Girlfriend” and did you REALLY think noone was going to remember that the BSB had a hit called “As Long As You Love Me“? Idiot. You’re still cute though.) but at the same time I am both shocked and comforted that I still feel that eight-year-old sense of joy when I hear a good teen pop song. Like lately, this:

or this:

Some people listen to aggressive rap or hip hop as pump up music. I listen to this. I think we all know who’s doing it right…


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