My Trader Joe’s Conversion

TJ LogoI have to say that I completely wasted my opportunity to become a Trader Joe’s lover in the summer of 2012. At the time, I was interning in NYC and lived in a highly covetable location literally on the same intersection as the Trader Joe’s in Union Square. I was overwhelmed the first time I stepped foot inside though, and never went back, instead choosing to shop in the “typical” run-of-the-mill grocery store across the street. Silly little past-tense me…

Now, in the fall of 2013, my boyfriend lives in equally convenient proximity to the Brookline TJ’s and after spending the last couple of months occasionally shopping there on the weekends, I am a full-fledged superfan (not so subtle BC reference intended..go Eagles). From the gorgeous (and reasonably priced!) fresh flowers upon entering the store, to the abundance of obscure/seasonal fare (#allpumpkineverything), to the incredibly affordable prices (especially for such luxurious products!) there’s certainly something special about Trader Joe’s.

This past weekend I was in dire need of conditioner since it’s not readily available in my boyfriend’s shower and I stubbornly refuse to bring travel bottles every time I visit, unsurprisingly. I turned to Trader Joe’s first, thinking that if I couldn’t find something suitable or reasonably priced then CVS was right around the corner. The skepticism I had, which should have been long-gone after all the success I’ve had there this summer, was blown out of the water by the three main options available.
Refresh ShampooI had my eye on the Teatree Tingle line. However, they were out of the matching shampoo…and if you know me, you know I’m the type of person who would have a weird issue with buying non-matching shampoo and conditioner (read: slight OCD probs). So, I went with my second choice, the Refresh citrus shampoo. The scent was identical to a Bed Head shampoo I used to buy at my salon, so I was already excited, and as a sucker for anything even remotely “natural” the list of ingredients delighted me too. Amazingly, I got two 16oz bottles (shampoo and conditioner) and cookie dough* for less than $9. All in all a major success. 

*For the record, the Trader Joe’s place-and-bake cookie dough is hands down the best I’ve ever tried. From someone who’s a cookie and chocolate lover, that’s saying a lot.
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