An Irish Surprise

Last week I was pumped when I got home and had received a package. After all, who doesn’t like packages?! There’s always something thrilling about any sort of mail, but the excitement of a potential surprise contained in a specially shipped, brown box is extra special. The contents did not disappoint! My aunt (who seems to just always know what to get me as a great gift…) and cousin had been at the store-opening for Alex and Ani‘s new Georgetown location, and bought this PGA Tour Lucky Golf Ball bangle for me to add to my collection. PGA Alex and Ani

Now, I was completely shocked when I saw this, because although I obviously have seen PGA-related gear before, I’d never seen a shamrock added into the logo. The design is especially significant to me because my dad used to take a green Sharpie and mark all his golf balls with a little shamrock. We even added that detail in to the logo for the PVQ Memorial Golf Tournament! Apparently, this was the last one they had in the store too. The bracelet was such a special surprise on so many levels, and I’m thrilled to wear it! Thanks Ann & Beck!

Go for it...

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