PSA: Revenge is back

EmilyBecause let’s be honest, I know you’re probably sad that ___________ is done.

A) Breaking Bad
B) The OC
C) Friends
D) All of the above…

If you don’t already watch Revenge on ABC, I’m here to tell you, first of all, that you’re making a mistake. Never fear though, there’s always time for redemption as far as television is concerned – the first episode of Season 3 aired last Sunday, which gives you almost an entire week (read: plenty of time!) to binge-watch Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix!

Now, you might think I like Revenge because it involves beautiful, well-dressed people, is set in the Hamptons, and has an ample amount of scandal. You would be correct in that thought. However, while all those qualities certainly do play an important role in swaying me to tune in to a show, I also happened to start watching Revenge at an interesting time.

Revenge Cast

The premise of the show (don’t worry, you’d find this out in the first ten minutes of Season 1, Episode 1) is that Emily VanCamp’s character is seeking revenge for the fact that her father was wrongfully imprisoned, and later killed, for an act of terrorism he didn’t commit. Oddly, I began watching this series basically right when my father was passing away and that didn’t turn me off. In some ways perhaps that’s really weird, but in other ways it was kind of cathartic to watch a show where I could strangely empathize with a character who had lost a father. Thankfully my dad died a much more peaceful death than her fictional father, so I certainly posses none of the same anger, but it was sort of nice to watch her ruthlessly take people down (all while looking fabulous) because she wasn’t sad. It allowed me to think about my situation without being reminded of it in a particularly emotional way. Call me crazy – I know some people might think this is a borderline inappropriate reason for me to like Revenge! – but definitely don’t miss out on an excellent show!

Also, for literary buffs out there, apparently Revenge is loosely inspired by the Count of Monte Cristo. Feel free to use that fact to justify watching what is essentially a soap opera / drama, male readers…

Does anyone else love Revenge?

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