Coveted | Lucia Soy Candles

Lucia Soy Candles
Lucia Wild Ginger & Fresh Fig Votive

For my birthday this past year, I received a set of Lucia Soy Candles from my aunt and uncle (in addition to a Patagonia Re-Tool fleece that I’m obsessed with…) but I didn’t get the chance to use them until this month when the weather got a bit cooler.

My late trial date was partially due to Boston College’s aggressive rules about candles on campus (hello $200 fine for a burned wick!) and partially due to the fact that the only candles I consider burning in the summer are citronella. However, with the crispness of fall becoming more and more evident in the air, I pulled the trigger and lit one two weekends ago.

Before you even light them, the delicious smell of these candles is apparent. The five tea lights I have are all set in individual glass containers – perfect if you don’t have a candle holder! I’m excited to use them into the coming months, and their organic makeup ensures that I’m only breathing in amazing scents and no scary toxins. Nothing like soft light and candle-lit fall nights!

Bonus: They’re currently on sale for 30% off at Burke Decor with the code FAVESCENT. Check it out!


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