Putting Greens and Kelly Green

PVQ Golf Tournament

Last Friday was the kind of perfect fall day where the weather is unseasonably warm, the skies are a cloudless blue, and there’s the perfect amount of sunshine. In fact, it was so unseasonably warm that it even gave me the fortitude to rock white after Labor Day (red alert, Fashion Police…), a breach of fashion policy that I’ve previously condemned. Many of us gathered to celebrate my dad’s life at his home course, Green Valley, with what will hopefully be the first of many golf tournaments in his honor. I joked that my dad would have loved it being on a Friday, because he was always a fan of taking a day off to play in a charity tournament – why be at work when you can be doing work on a course, am I right?5th Hole

My mom and I were especially grateful to our family friends the Moffos who conceptualized the event shortly after his passing and made sure it was successful this year. Danny, their younger son, and his foursome won the tournament, which was especially fitting because the last time my dad got to golf was at Danny’s wedding in November 2011.

Pam & Nick

Huge thanks to Pam and Nick for all their planning!

After the tournament, we enjoyed a cookout which included fantastic cake balls from the Newport Cookie Company (amazing, a must-try). Overall, the day was a major success and make the kickoff of the one year anniversary of his death a much happier occasion than it would have been otherwise. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Ladies PVQ tournament

Kelly green was a popular color for the day, given my Dad’s penchant for his Irish heritage. Team Quinn shirts designed by AMQ, Irish rugby jersey c/o my Dad’s closet.

For full photos of the event, visit its Flickr gallery.

3 thoughts on “Putting Greens and Kelly Green

  1. I am so sorry I wasn’t able to attend. I tried to make it work – but to no avail. Believe me!!!! I thought of all of you more times than I could count that day. I am so glad to know that this will be a tradition because I will do everything in my power to be there next year. I ran into a number of folks who worked with Paul at SAH/Caritas/Steward who were invited and who also were not able to attend. They too, will be glad to hear there will be a “replay”. My love to all of you who loved Paul. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about him or wish I could hear one of his “stories” or wonder what words of wisdom he might impart. He has a permanent place in my heart and I know he was smiling down on all of you who attended.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words and sweet thoughts Sheila! Absolutely don’t worry about not being able to come this year – we would love to have you in the future! Hope all is well and hope to see you soon!

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