Gratitude Quote

Interestingly, although I saw this Huffington Post article floating around online, I didn’t read it until my boss forwarded it to me (that’s right, I work for someone young, hip, and forward-thinking). Now, the title might seem aggressive, but the eight recommendations for attaining happiness featured in this article are actually quite great. One of my favorites is the encouragement to practice gratitude. I think that taking time to look at one’s situation and put it into context makes all the difference.

Especially this week, when I’m remembering the one year anniversary of my dad’s passing, it sometimes can be tempting to let myself get stuck on what I don’t have – I can’t see him anymore, feel the warmth of one of his hugs or appreciate the sound of his laughter. However, by simply shifting that thought to one of gratitude, it’s easy to remember why I am lucky to have such wonderful memories in the first place. It speaks to the depth of our relationship that I have so much to miss. I didn’t have more than twenty-one years with my dad; at first glance that seems like hardly enough time. When I take the time though to appreciate everything those twenty-one years held, I often am struck by how blessed I was by his presence.

Gratitude is just one of eight amazing points Miss Barlotta makes. Which one is your favorite?

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