Noteworthy | Kina Grannis

Kicking off the weekend with a musical selection, Kina Grannis is an artist I came across through a friend’s Spotify and immediately fell in love with for a few reasons. The first song I heard was a killer cover of Simon and Garfunkel, and as I’ve expressed in the past I’m a sucker for a great remake of a well-loved song. Additionally, her vocals hold up on their own, in a stripped down format – not always the case for artists nowadays. Finally, if you peep her official website you can see that she’s self-made and has amassed a lot of fan following by putting herself out there on social media – you have to have a bit of a soft spot for someone who is starting to make it big and comes from humble beginnings. She’s keeping it indie too, pulling out of a deal with a larger label because she wanted to produce songs she’d actually written.

I’ve been listening to this cover of hers nonstop for the past week – it’s a little angsty, but in a beautiful way. Check her out – she’s worth a listen. Also while you’re doing that, literally check her out because she’s beautiful!


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