Literary Love | The Defining Decade

As a recent college grad who has yet to find my first non-internship position, it’s safe to say I occasionally panic about my next step. During such a time, my fabulous cousin recommended this book by author and counselor Meg Jay. Jay, who specializes in treating twenty-somethings, puts forth a compelling argument as to why it’s important to make the most of one’s first “adult” decade, gleaned from research as well as her clinical experiences.

Though I’m admittedly a sucker for a good self-help book (ask me my feelings about “The Secret”…), this one was especially enjoyable. I loved the way she organized it by category (Career, Love, and Biology) and could boil down each chapter into one piece of advice. Additionally, the examples taken from her patients legitimized a lot of the points, in my opinion. Whether you’re looking to take action in your career or love life, if you’re in your “defining decade” this book is worth reading (and rereading).

Bonus: many of Jay’s main points can be found in her TED Talk on why 30 isn’t the new 20.


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