Old Dress, New Twist


Vintage Dress, Necklace c/o Lisa Benson, Longchamp Bag

Although I tend to complain that my mother never throws anything away, when it comes to clothes, her reluctance to purge has proven to be beneficial to my own closet. Some of my favorite pieces have been permanently borrowed from both my parents, and this dress is the most recent addition to that wardrobe category.

Though it probably dates back to the 80s or earlier, its simple silhouette, bright goldenrod color, and durable cotton fabric make it a timeless piece I could have easily purchased in the current season. Its length (tea length or just above the ankle) means it also loosely fits in to the maxi dress trend that is still having its moment. Paired with a statement necklace, it was the perfect outfit for some summer cocktails with family at Castle Hill.


One thought on “Old Dress, New Twist

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