Thanks to Tumblr for notifying me that yesterday was my blog’s three year birthday. A lot has happened in those three years, and I’m not entirely sure that Newport State of Mind has kept the direction I intended it to have when it started. Somewhere along the lines, I think I got too stereotypically Tumblr – too wrapped up in compiling matching images and quotes and not concerned enough with adding in pieces of myself. A lot of the writing waned, images began to dominate, and I made a bunch of changes that I don’t remember being happy with after the fact. I neglected posting at all for the past couple of months.

Birthdays, like any anniversary, are a time to reflect on a year passed and what has taken place in that period of time. When you’re little, they’re exciting. Actually, when you’re older they can be pretty exciting too (here’s looking at you 16th and 21st birthdays). No matter what age, they’re a way of remembering how far you’ve come – a personal New Year’s in a way, a time to make resolutions on how this next year will be different in some way. So on the three year and one day birthday of Newport State of Mind, I resolve to make it better, make it more regular, and make it more reminiscent of why I was inspired to start it in the first place: as a mean of sharing what I love, what I think, what I do, and where I do. Cheers to three years.


Go for it...

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