Vintage Monopoly SetMonopoly has been my favorite game for as long as I can remember having “a favorite game”. You know what though? It’s really difficult to get people to commit to playing Monopoly. Possibly because it takes about 3 hours, minimum? Perhaps because it involves a lot of math (here’s looking at you, luxury tax – I’ll gladly just pay $75.00 because adding up all my “assets” is going to take about 20 minutes)? Whatever the reason may be, my will to succeed in the world of Monopoly once got so bad that my cousins hid all the money and property cards while I went to the bathroom because I didn’t want to “stop playing” — duh, I wanted to win!

This being the case, I was greatly encouraged by this Wall Street Journal article touting the great lessons about business contained in the game’s strategy. My childhood obsession  seems much more logical now, given what I ended up choosing to study in college. So thank you, Philip Orbanes for rationalizing my irrational interest.

Also for the record, I totally knew that the green properties were a waste of time. Just saying.

Go Directly to Success: Monopoly’s Lessons Image via


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