Liars at best can be highly engaging in the short term but, like a reality television star-du-jour, get trite very quickly.” – Muffy Aldrich

The point she makes in this piece is akin to the people claiming to be “from Newport” when in fact they’re from the Newport area. Though my zipcode has always referred to Aquidneck Island, it has never been 02840. As such, when trying to explain the part of RI I’m from to out of staters, I never claim to be a Newport resident, championing the fact that I simply live “on the Island” instead. Perhaps that makes me as bad as some of the people Muffy references who claim a family home as their own? I’d like to think though that I’ve spent enough time walking cobblestoned Upper Thames over the years and enjoyed enough sunsets with the bridge in the background to legitimize my Portsmouth residency as being deserving of a close-to-Newport label.

The Daily Prep: “The Great Lie: My summer house in…


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