Parties of one.

I certainly have no objection to movies and books set in the halls of high schools – my Netflix account shamlessly reveals my tastes for “High School TV Dramas” or “Teen TV” and admittedly I have a soft spot for books whose characters are navigating the hallowed halls of fictional prep schools, whose greatest drama involves prom or getting into college. However, I like happy high school stories. When I was recently convinced to watch “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” it was only after a certain amount of protesting that I agreed. I don’t like watching people be sad or lonely, certainly not voluntarily. The part where he eats lunch alone in the cafeteria? Heartbreaking.

Strange that it breaks my heart to see someone dining solo in a movie, but in real life I really enjoy the occasional lunch alone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first person to offer the cliché, “We should totally get lunch!” line to someone and I like the company — but I also really enjoy cozying up in a booth by myself for a few hours to read, write and carry out the phone calls I should have made days ago. Maybe it’s because it’s voluntary solitude? Perhaps it’s because in college company is easier to come by and time alone is what tends to take planning? Either way, as long as the food is worthwhile and the location is right, I enjoy my own company. (#thingsonlychildrensay)


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