Some Thought Catalog in the midst of finals, when sometimes things seem overwhelming.

An article which will prompt you to consider thoughts like, “Wow, I’m sitting here in a gorgeous library that in reality has been voted one of the Top 25 most beautiful ones in the world. As I sit here, yeah I’m kind of dreading this whole paper thing that I have to write…but the hilarious part is that my only real obligation between now and tomorrow at 12 when the paper is due (via Internet that I have no difficulty connecting to with my MacBook which is in perfect condition and belongs only to me) is to spend my time thinking about a topic I’m actually really interested by and then articulate those thoughts in a form where someone brilliant, who went to Harvard, will then read and actually care about what I have to say. Oh, and in the hours around that, I get to be with some of my favorite people in the world and eat delicious food, while wearing clothing I love, at a University that I was able to gain admission to by myself that my Mommy is kind enough to finance for me because she cares enough about me to do that. Oh and when these exams are all done what do I have to do? That’s right, drive back to Rhode Island and finishing packing to go to Africa for three weeks.” Guess I can’t complain.

18 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think


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