Literary Loves | M.I.A.

Hurricane aside, M.I.A. has an autobiography out. Now, I realize that in my love for all things J.Crew, Jackie O, and nautically related, my interest in a badass hip-hop/electronic/whatever genre she is artist from Sri Lanka may seem a little out of character, right? Wrong. The soundtrack to the fall of my senior year of high school was “Kala” which was always on in my car – and yes, before you ask, seventeen year old me did think she was the height of alternative and cool for liking other songs on the album more than “Paper Planes”.

Personally, I think Maya has a ton of style (some of which I wish I too could pull off on an everyday basis but sadly cannot) and just generally is a really rad gal. She kind of doesn’t give a you-know-what about what people think of her (remember that time last Superbowl?!) and embodies herself and her art in what she chooses to wear. What I guess I’m saying is, I’d buy the book.


Go for it...

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