1. Keep glucose levels high — when you resist something you draw on your glucose store.

2. Anticipate obstacles to what you’re trying to acocmplish so when you hit them they come as less of a surprise.

3. Break up your routine — doing so helps you tackle larger deviations from the norm.

4. Choose a reward ahead of time so you have something to work toward.

5. Relax, don’t beat yourself up if you falter.

Real Simple has been one of my favorite mom-like magazines since I was about 11 (the thought of hosting successful cocktail parties has been on my mind long before I had even tasted my first Cosmo….)— it’s a shame that I don’t necessarily agree with all of these solutions…for example, if I pick out a reward ahead of time I have a tendency to just go for the reward first and then tell myself I’ll do work because I’ve indulged. Whoops!

Real Simple: 5 Ways to Increase Your Willpower


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