Some casual business casual advice.

‘Tis the season for internship fairs. Although I’m not partaking because most of the companies I’m interested in don’t make an appearance at these events, it’s impossible not to notice who is on board: their business casual is a dead giveaway. Some advice to the ladies:

1. If you aren’t going to iron the decorative ruffle on your pencil skirt, it might be best to just purchase a plain one. The air of not caring that the creases suggest outweigh the “daring to be different” subtle skirt detail.

2. A pop of color goes a long way. Everyone has neutrals, it’s what you pair them with that makes a difference.

3. Ditto a tasteful piece of jewelry. With a scoop-neck shirt and bare arms, it’s nice to have something, anything that says, “Hey, I may not wear these formal clothes every day, but here’s a small piece of what I do incorporate into my daily routine.”

4. For goodness sake, just because you’re wearing a suit doesn’t mean you can’t look feminine. Put on some mascara! Wear a ruffled camisole under your blazer! Statistically, you will not be earning as much as men, you might as well stop trying to blend in with them. Tastefully allude to the fact that you’d be a little more aesthetically pleasing to have around the office in addition to being smart, capable, and accomplished?


Go for it...

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